Optima Batteries 8171-767 Battery Review

Optima Batteries 8171-767 Battery Review

Truly one of the best dual-purpose automotive batteries available in the market, the YellowTop AGM battery by Optima meets all your high-performance deep cell battery needs.

It is a perfect fit for modern accessory-loaded cars because of its premium cranking power and top-notch cycling capability. The YellowTop Optima Battery can be repeatedly cycled from deep power drains to full charge, providing plenty of electrical power.

Consistent power output and faster recharges are also ensured by this battery’s low internal resistance. Perfect for multiple uses, this YellowTop Optima battery can be used in powering trucks, high-powered cars, commercial vehicles, and heavy equipment and machinery. It is sure to provide a great starting and deep-cycle capacity.

Optima Batteries 8171-767 Battery Features

  • Premium Starting And Deep Cycle Power
  • Resistant to Vibration
  • 100% Spill-proof and Maintenance-Free
  • Dimensions: 9.9 inches (L) x 5.1 inches (W) x 8.9 inches (H)
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Voltage 12 volts
  • Amperage: 38 A
  • Plate design: would cell configuration with Spiral Cell Technology
  • Post type: JIIS: 46B24R
  • 20-hour capacity: 38 Ah
  • Reserve capacity: 66 minutes
  • Open circuit voltage: 13.1 V
  • Case color: Light gray
  • Cover color: Optima Yellow
  • Case material: Polypropylene


Optima ensures quality and consistency in their batteries, which are manufactured to high and demanding standards. The company’s goal is to provide the ultimate power for the ultimate professionals, for the ultimate enthusiasts, and for the ultimate experience.

Creating batteries that will withstand extreme conditions, Optima aims to deliver the ultimate power, looking for technological advantages to push the boundaries of what is possible. With over 40 years of history in technological innovation and engineering, Optima products offer unrelenting power for those who require the ultimate power source.

Considered one of the true dual-purpose automotive batteries available in the market today, the Optima YellowTop high-performance AGM battery has top-notch cranking power and unmatched cycling rechargeability that is perfect for modern cars.

The ultimate starting and deep-cycle power of this battery can also be relied on by trucks with winches, modern accessory-loaded cars, commercial vehicles, and heavy equipment and machinery.

It has everything you can ask for in a powerful battery: a deep-cycle and cranking power, up to three times longer lifespan, maintenance free, more than fifteen times the vibration resistance, spillproof features, able to be mounted in various positions, and faster recharging with 300+ discharge/recharge cycles.

At the core of every Optima battery is a series of individual spiral-wound cells that are made of 99.9% pure lead plates and precisely coated with lead oxide. This Spiral Cell Technology requires more precision and is more expensive to build that the tradition flat plate AGM batteries.

This high-precision process ensures that Optima’s superior batteries will outperform all traditional batteries in the market. You can dispose of the bottle of water you keep in your trunk because this battery is completely sealed and will not require water checks as often as other traditional batteries, and it can retain charges over a long period of time.

When you are in need of higher than average electrical loads, Optima’s YellowTop battery is a great choice. Because of the increased plate area from the Spiral Cell Technology, it is power-packed, more energy dense, and delivers a greater starting power than traditional alternatives.

The pure lead used in making this battery minimizes the contaminants in the material, guaranteeing a longer life expectancy. Plus, the spiral winding gives this battery a more efficient output. Furthermore, glass mat separators ensure that the batteries are 100% spillproof. Optima’s YellowTop battery also charges quickly.

Given that the provided recommended charging guidelines are followed, the battery recharges fast, even after a complete discharge. It can provide power to your vehicle for hours. Because of its rigid and sealed construction, the battery can withstand strong vibrations and all types of weather conditions.

Optima’s Yellowtop battery can retain a charge for long periods of time, and it has a high starting and deep-cycle power that has a slow rate of discharge, meaning that the needs of heavily-loaded vehicles are handled efficiently.

As proof of Optima’s high standards, users have reported great satisfaction in the YellowTop battery, with even some claiming that their mileage and fuel economy improved after installing it.


Some users had a tough time installing the battery but were able to do it with help from YouTube tutorials. Having it installed in a car shop will lead to increased costs. One should double-check the compatibility of Optima’s YellowTop battery with their car before purchasing to avoid any hassle.


As proven by plenty of positive user reviews, Optima’s 8171-767 YellowTop battery is a great and popular choice, especially for users owning selected models of Prius that are compatible with this battery.

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